designing learning experiences collectively
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Hi! I'm Saya.

As educator and learning designer with history at Ideo U, Stanford University Graduate School of Education, EdSurge and One Workplace, I come with experience managing an innovative school in Myanmar, scaling business growth in emerging economies and empowering startups in Silicon Valley. I'm passionate about creating systems and processes of learning that amplify the power of people, for the good in this world.

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Hi! My name is Celena.

A problem solver and design strategist, Celena is constantly looking at creative ways to help organizations build products and solutions that emphasizes learning. She comes with over 10 years of international brand development experience as PR Director for some of the world’s biggest stars, and most recently as Data Strategist at Cisco for Americas Field Marketing. Teaching Creativity and Innovation at San Francisco State University keeps her constantly curious. At the dinner table, you’ll hear her talking about her love of ‘90s fashion, Italy, and design.


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